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Denizens of the Wild

On the day that his father is meant to travel to their village, Osondu never knows that that would be the last time he will ever set eyes on him. No sooner has he left Borno Garage than a deafening explosion shakes the whole vicinity. Flames engulf the park, and Osondu's fears (just like every survivor) that his father has been reduced to ashes ring true.

After the incident, he and his mother and sister relocated to Awada in Anambra State for succour. But the safety he so seeks eludes him. There, bandits and pickpockets prowl like beasts, looking for unsuspecting persons to devour. 

Osondu vows to protect his mother and sister, but his resolve comes with a costly price. Will he be ready to pay the price?

For age 12+ upwards
Bru And Bacchus

In the Spiral Gap sector of our galaxy...Hope could be reborn. While believers on earth are struggling against the government-imposed FANU doctrines, enforced by tireless robot "guardians"...While a Napoleonic conqueror seeks to dominate the newly emerging world of Generation.While a disillusioned star pilot and his uncanny bionic copilot are hunted by a deadly assassin. A race of unseen beings is grappling with mankind's deepest needs. Enter the future realm of the Spiral Gap, where SPAID pilots Bru and Bacchus embark on a desperate rescue mission that will pit good against evil, man against machine, visible against invisible.Even temporal against eternal! Bru Copetski and his robot copilot Bacchus are returning to Polkbridge Station for a much-needed break from salvage and delivery patrol. There they encounter a troubled mayor with otherworldly dreams, and a pair of drug-runners who kidnap two of their friends. When their rescue mission leads them to the planet Generation, one of the three Spiral Gap settler worlds, they can't imagine that disaster lies ahead, even as death follows them from behind. Helped by their friends Maggie Poole and Kevin Ragg, as well as a couple of Christian professors from the earth, Bru and Bacchus come face to face with a madman's army and a mysterious fellowship of aliens who call themselves the Knowers. They are beings who are so concerned about the future of mankind, they will risk their own existence to point us back to the Light!

For age 12+ upwards
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