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Butterfly Effect

This book “The Butterfly Effect” is aimed, with proofs, at splitting the word, ‘patience’, and guiding readers to apply it in their daily lives.
The butterfly effect is the concept that believes small causes can have large effects. 

If you want to learn about patience, then this lesson is going to be interesting.
The problem with patience is that it has no really static definition (despite the dictionary telling you to quietly and steadily persevere as you wait for more details). It always changes relative to what you are working against. If you are trying to force patients to be at some standard, you will fail most of the time. Since the world around us is shifting and changing, and everyone is different, patience requires flexibility and timing. This means that at times, one has to go slowly to let everything come together, and at other times, move along with surety and allow everything to catch up with you.

$ 6.90
For age 9-15
Dancing Mantis

Dancing Mantis satirizes parents’ imposing choice of career for their children. Every child has an innate ability (or talent) that, if nurtured well, brings them to the limelight. 
The story has its bearing on Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken, a poem where the poet persona is confronted with two choices, and wisely chooses the career that no one else has chosen before. He breaks away from the stereotypical leanings, refusing to join the bandwagon. In the end, his choice pays off.
In the book, Professor Lambert insists that his daughter, Gift, must toe his path and choose an ‘enviable’ career for herself. 
The girl, however, loves dancing and wishes to be a celebrated musician in the long run. But her decision comes with an invidious prize that threatens her familial bond with her father. Can she stick to her passion despite all odds?

$ 6.99
For age 9-15
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